Meet the designer and the maker

Malcolm and I believe in the union of great design and craftsmanship and it’s for this reason that we have created Modern English Cabinetry.

Malcolm and I worked together as maker and designer on numerous large scale contract projects including libraries, schools and private residencies.  It was working on these projects together that forged a strong team complimenting each other’s skills. Many of the projects received prestigious awards too.

In 2012 Malcolm Pitts and Claire Hart began talking about working together and a in 2014 established Modern English Cabinetry, with the aim to create kitchens, cabinetry and furniture that we would want to live with ourselves. We set our sights on what we would want to surround ourselves with, indulged ourselves in the detail, and didn’t compromise on the materials. Our products are characterised by a quiet and elegant aesthetic, the result of tireless refinement and an intense dedication to craft and process. We love discovering new products and materials on the market and some of our designs are inspired by these finds.

We believe in poetic design and making beautiful things; pieces that endure, inspire and aspire to be inherited. We refine our designs until we feel we have arrived at our idea of perfection, but we seek to leave them with a lightness of touch. Our design process is all about beauty found in simplicity and the indulgence of well-crafted detail.

The manner in which the furniture is produced is as important to us as the designs themselves and we manufacture with a serious commitment to quality and a honed attention to detail and finish. We work with an evolving stable of skilled craftsmen to produce our designs.  We offer bespoke colours, flexibility for our clients to order custom versions and bespoke commissions that are detailed with the same fervour for perfection.

Our cupboards are made by skilled joiners in our Dorset workshop with acute attention to detail with the designs tailored to suit you.

Modern English Cabinetry loose and fitted furniture is cherished in homes all over the country.

All our kitchens and furniture start off their life here in the work shop.

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