Alcoves are the perfect space to build storage that will fit seamlessly into your rooms, without taking up lots of space. Our Winchester range has Victorian detailing and works as a stand-alone unit or fitted into an alcove. It comes with a glazed option too for displaying linens or glass/tableware. 

Using authentic Victorian detailing this cupboard range will look like it has always been there.  We can fit the base with skirting to match through with yours.

The height of the cupboard can be made to suit your ceiling heights. We recommend they fall short of touching the ceiling.  A gap at the top will help you read the full shape of your room which will look more spacious.  For a minimal storage wall look at our simplest range

At Designer’s House in Winchester we have fitted alcove wardrobes and cupboards to two of the bedrooms and the reception rooms, the dining room and second bedroom have glazed top cupboards to display linens and treasures whilst the master bedroom and living room have solid cupboards.  These serve as wardrobes and a cloak store and sit forward of the chimney breast to allow for a hanging rail to sit widthways.   

Available with a lacquer paint finish or primed only for you to paint yourselves

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Victorian wardrobes were a sign of status during the Victorian era, with cabinetry and craftsmanship being a much-admired occupation. We can modernise them too with a contrast colour inside or a patterned back panel and ambient lighting. The glazed cabinets can become a real statement piece lit up with a patterned paper at the back.

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