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Designer’s House Winchester

Three’s not a room untouched by the hands of the talented Malcom Pitts in this house. As Claire’s former home and now holiday home you can enjoy an insightful virtual tour. Look out for beautiful tiles, bleached oak units and sensitivity in design with some bold statements.

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Skylark Lodge

Skylark lodge is a lakeside retreat that has been built for some 25 years, During the lockdown it was stripped bare and fully refurbished with an exciting new interior.  Modern English Cabinetry produced the kitchen and this fed into the design of everything else from the birch veneered doors and bath panels to the matching vanity top and kitchen work surface creating a joyful and cohesive design. Murals adorn the walls connecting the interior to the lakeside context, the perfect backdrop for a little colour blocking with our new linoleum kitchen.

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Sherborne Cottage


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Denham Cottage

The client fell in love with the colours and materials on this project. An artist herself she had a keen eye for colour and was playful in her approach to mix and match colours.  The kitchen units elevated off the floor appear to be free standing.


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Hillside House, Pitney

Hillside House dates back to the 18 century but is thought to be much older.  With a tight budget we were able to help transform the kitchen and bathroom whilst retaining the rustic charm. 

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Neo Barn

A breathtaking barn like new build fitted with flush wardrobes, storage walls, handsome oak doors, our simplest kitchen, utility and built in shelving.

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