We can supply and fit a wide range of work surfaces and we can help you chose something to look great too. We use a specialist fitter to fit ceramic and quartz work surfaces.

All work surfaces have their pros and cons.  I stainless steel top will be heat resistant but will scratch, a marble worktop will look stunning but the risk of staining is high. The table below seeks to help you make sense of all the following options available to you with Modern English Cabinetry

  • Ceramic
  • Quartz stone surfacing: Zodiaq Quartz, Ceaserstone, Silestone
  • Marble
  • Solid Surfacing: Corian, Hi-Macs
  • Timber work tops
  • Fenix mastering a timber edging

IMG_0459Ceramic Tops

These stunning ceramic tops are available in gloss or mat with figuring to look like marble without all the staining issues. Although not real unfortunately they are just as expensive as marble

gemini_quartz_1 squareQuartz

Zodiaq Quartz , Ceaserstone and Silestone alike provide natural aesthetics without the maintenance. They are engineered with pure quartz crystals within.  Not only does it look great with seamless bonding, integral sinks and depth to it’s appearance, it is undoubtedly a high-performance material, delivering strength, and a high level of heat and scratch resistance.  We recommend quartz products if aiming to achieve a minimal, uniform and high quality aesthetic with a natural stone quality. This will look great with any of our ranges and now even comes with veining options to look like marble.


Marble is both natural and clean and more than a little bit glamorous. It looks great combined with the warmth of brass or copper fittings and will look sensational with any of our ranges adding luxury and style but beware the maintenance and staining issues. Even if sealed a blackcurrant juice spillage left overnight is a serious problem.

IMG_0098 crop low res square

Solid Surfacing

Corian and Himacs alike provide an ultra modern look with seamless bonding, the possibility to create sloped integral drainers, built under or built in sinks, delivering a good level of heat and scratch resistance and varying levels of polish.  We recommend this finish for our, contemporary ranges.


We recommend Fenix for worktops with runs shorter than 3m.  It makes for a perfect anti fingerprint worktop however it does not seamlessly bond so we recommend using only when runs are less than 3 m long. This could work perfectly with our contemporary ranges.

kitchen closeCHOPPING BOARDScrop square low res
Timber Work Tops

Add warmth and character to your kitchen with a timber worktop. Depending on the wood you choose this can be the cheapest of options.  Whilst they require a little routine maintenance they don’t seem to mind the odd honourable scar (scratch) and there is no work top as homely as a timber top. The look particularly great with our traditional painted units.


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Work Surface TypeStain & HEat ResistanceSeamless Bonding & Sloped Drainers PossibleScratch ResistantDrainer Grooves PossibleMaintenanceCost
Marblepoornofairyesregular sealing££££
Solid Surfacinggoodyesfairyesminimal££
Timberfairnonoyesregular oiling£
Quick worktop pros and cons

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